The Heritage 251 Center Console offers luxury seating for both touring and fishing


Charter fishing for snapper, grouper, king fish, spanish mackerel and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a personal fishing license?
No.  The Captain's Fishing license covers up to six (6) fishermen at a time.
2. What should I bring?
A hat, sunscreen (no dyes or self tanners), sunglasses, bathing suit, towel, water, snacks, non-marring soles (don't scuff the boat!).
3. Do you provide food or drink?
No.  Each person is responsible for their own personal food and drink.
4. Can we keep the fish we catch?
Yes, as long as they're legal size and in season.  Count on the captain to know this!
5. If we are boat touring, can we stop at a restaurant along the way?
Sure! I'll dock the boat and wait.
6. Can we bring food, wine or beer on the boat?
Water and snacks are encouraged.  No glass bottles.  Beer and wine are allowed if participants remain in control and responsible.  No beer drinking while fishing (only once fishing complete).
7. Is there a lot of shade on the boat?
The boat has some shade. It is also equipped with water misters for your cooling comfort (if desired).
8. Where can we go swimming?
My two favorite spots are the Sand Bar at Big Pass and Snake Island at Venice Inlet.  The water here is in the mid 80's Fahrenheit during the summer! Both offer shallow swimming with sandy bottoms.
9. What sea life can we expect to see?
You can see Manatee, Dolphin, Sea Turtles, a variety of rolling fish, shore birds, osprey, occasional eagle, and bait fish jumping!
10. What kind of fish do we fish for?
Snapper (Lane, Yellow Tale, and Mangrove), Red and Gag Grouper, King Fish, Spanish Mackerel, Grunts, Porgies, Triple Tail, Barracuda, Cobia, and bait fish.
11. Do you supply bait?
Yes, I always supply frozen bait.  We can also catch live bait.
12. Do I need my own fishing gear?
No, but if you have a lucky pole, don't hesitate to bring it along!
13. Does footwear matter?
Touring: A pair of non-marring shoes. No heels or black soles.
Fishing: Shoes required!
14. Where can the boat go?
Up to 9 miles off shore (State Waters off of Sarasota and Venice).
15. Can I bring my dog on the boat tour?
No. We love dogs, but please leave them at home!  We do follow federal regulations regarding service animals.
16. Do you have a fish finder?
Yes. His name is The Captain. But, seriously, we have an electronic fish finder as well.
17. How many people can we take on the boat?
One (1) to six (6) people maximum.  Yes, we are willing to take solo fishermen.